Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Coming July 12, 2018

Barnet Schecter will discuss his book The Devil’s Own Work: The Civil War Draft Riots in a talk he calls Emancipation and Its Enemies: The Legacy of the Civil War Draft Riots. Schecter explains the resurgence of the Democratic Party in the aftermath of the riots, and after 1863, with New York City as its national headquarters. The Democrats--led by Boss Tweed, John Hoffman, and A. Oakey Hall in New York City and New York State, and by presidential candidate Samuel Tilden and New York World editor Manton Marble at the national level--took the offensive to reunite with the southern wing of the party and defeat Reconstruction, the Republican program of emancipation and civil rights for African Americans. It has been said that the North won the Civil War and the South won the peace--but the important role of New York in that outcome is little known. 

Barnet Schecter, an independent historian, is the author of George Washington’s America: A Biography Through His MapsThe Devil’s Own Work: The Civil War Draft Riots and the Fight to Reconstruct America; and The Battle for New York: The City at the Heart of the American Revolution. He is a contributor to the Encyclopedia of New York City and various books on the Revolution and Civil War. In addition to lecturing, and leading tours and military staff rides, he consults on books, exhibitions, films.

Please Make Note

Barnet Schecter’s presentation will be July 12, the second Thursday of July because of the July 4th Holiday.