Monday, June 8, 2015

Coming July 2, 2015

James Coll will discuss the Constitution and Reconstruction.  While the Civil War transformed the nation, the years following the conflict transformed the Constitution.  In this discussion, we will analyze the three amendments added to the 'supreme law of the land' during Reconstruction and their impact on ending slavery, promoting civil rights, curtailing the power of the states, enfranchising voters as well as other significant developments.

James Coll is an adjunct associate professor of American and Constitutional history at Nassau Community College. James is also a detective in a tactical and rescue unit for the New York City Police Department. In his work with the NYPD, James has received numerous awards, including being named Cop of the Year by the New York City Police Foundation for the efforts of his unit during the US Airways Flight 1549 plane crash in the Hudson River. One year later, James was part of the FEMA NY Task Force Urban Search and Rescue Team deployed to Haiti in the aftermath of a 7.0 earthquake to search for survivors. In addition, James is the founder of changeNYS, a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting the education of New Yorkers about civic understanding and political reform in our state.