Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coming May 1, 2014

Michael C.C. Adams will discuss his book, Living Hell: The Dark Side of the Civil War.  Perhaps because the United States has not seen conventional war on its own soil since 1865, the collective memory of its horror has faded, so that we have sanitized and romanticized even the experience of the Civil War. Neither film nor reenactment can fully capture the hard truth of the four-year conflict. Living Hell presents a stark portrait of the human costs of the Civil War and gives readers a more accurate appreciation of its profound and lasting consequences.  (Publisher)

Michael C. C. Adams strips away the facade to provide a necessary and compelling dose of reality about the war as it was seen and experienced by those who lived it. This is not another story of battles and campaigns. It is instead a broad tapestry that takes the reader to many dark corners of the war which are often left unconsidered. (Scott Hartwig, noted Civil War Historian)

Dr. Adams is the author of several books including The Best War Eve, The Great Adventure and Our Masters the Rebels. He is professor of history and chair of the History and Geography Department at Northern Kentucky University.