Monday, March 18, 2013

Coming April 4, 2013

The Funeral of Abraham Lincoln in New York City, A multi media Presentation by author / historian Richard Sloan. Lincoln Group of New York founding member and past President, Richard Sloan, Mr. Sloan, an authority on the funeral will detail in words, pictures (both then and now), and music, each and every step of the funeral procession. This funeral was unequalled in American history, certainly to that point in time. The ceremonies were so elaborate that they required two days to complete. Sloan, a resident of Massapequa, long-time student of the Lincoln assassination and a founding member of the Lincoln Group of New York, has given this presentation throughout the region, as well as at locations along the Eastern Seaboard, from Washington to Boston. For many years the editor of a popular newsletter about Lincoln, Sloan has had articles about the assassination and Lincoln in the Cinema published in books and magazines, including, "Lincoln Legends," in which he is credited with having helped debunk two controversial Lincoln discoveries. Sloan has also appeared on an episode of the PBS series, "History Detectives," which dealt with John Wilkes Booth. Most recently, his contribution to the book “The Lincoln Assassination: Crime and Punishment, Myth and Memory” has drawn attention. One of 10 contributors to turn their attention to the great Civil War president's assassination in the book, Sloan’s is a unique and convincingly first-person, present tense account of the procession and pageantry which accompanied the funeral tour of Lincoln’s body through Manhattan a few days after he was assassinated.