Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coming Thursday June 7:

Dr. Wilbur R. Miller will present a discussion “Sorting out the causes of the Civil War”.  Dr. Miller has a B.A. from the  University of California, Berkeley and a Ph.D., from Columbia University.  He maintains that he is of the 1960s-70s Social History generation, and he “stubbornly sticks with it in spite of the wave of cultural studies”. He has taught courses in  Civil War and Reconstruction, The Gilded Age and The Progressive Era, Immigration and Family history, The History of New York City and The History of Crime and Criminal Justice in the US. His scholarly works include: Cops and Bobbies: Police Authority in New York City and London 1830-1870 and Revenuers and Moonshiners: Enforcing Federal Liquor Law in the Mountain South, 1865-1900