Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coming June 3, 2010: "Deliver Us From Evil"

Coming June 3rd: Dr. Lacy K. Ford will discuss his newest book Deliver Us From Evil: The Slavery Question In The Old South. Dr. Ford is the Department chair, professor of History at the University of South Carolina. Ira Berlin, New York Times Book Review: “...Ford painstakingly unravels the divergent perspectives on slavery, making 'Deliver Us From Evil' required reading for anyone interested in the development of Southern society... In dismissing the stale notions that slaveholder paternalism developed from the ancient habit of noblesse oblige or from the peculiar conditions of Southern slavery, Ford makes his most important contribution to our understanding of the development of Southern society." One historian called it “the most detailed and penetrating analysis of the ideology and public policy of American slavery ever written.” Ford’s other recent publications include “Reconfiguring the Old South: ‘Solving’ the Problem of Slavery, 1787-1838,” and numerous articles written for the "Journal of American History" many dealing with South Carolina and the question of slavery. He is currently working on a brief study of the southern Protestant outreach to slaves in the American South during the 1840s and the opposition of many whites to that movement. Since July 1, 2007, Professor Ford has served as Chair of the Department of History.