Friday, December 11, 2009

Coming January 7th, 2010

Patrick Falci is best known to many for his portrayal of Confederate General A. P. Hill in the film Gettysburg. During the filming of Gettysburg, Patrick served as director Ron Maxwell's historical advisor. He assisted casting director Joy Todd and the principal actors in preparing for their roles, advised music supervisor David Franco in his selection of period music, and, of course, portrayed Lt. General A.P. Hill.
He also served as historical advisor for the subsequent audio-book release of Michael Shaara's, The Killer Angels, and for Jeff Shaara's work on Gods and Generals. Patrick assisted producer/actor Tom Berenger with research for the acclaimed 1997 TNT mini-series Rough Riders and portrayed one of the Rough Riders as well. He can also be seen in the documentary Gettysburg: Three Days of Destiny.
A reenactor for several years, Pat has been asked to portray General A.P. Hill at such prominent engagements as the Anniversary Battles at Gettysburg, the Wilderness Battle, and the Battle of Antietam. Patrick travels the United States giving presentations to Civil War Round Tables, historical organizations and schools. He has been honored with invitations to the White House and various awards for the work that he has done.
Pat Falci, our January speaker will speak about A.P. Hill at the Battle of Gettysburg.