Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dear Andy,

I recently attended a seminar in Gettysburg where we visited a number of sites regarding actions fought by Brig. Gen. George A. Custer and his Michigan Brigade of Cavalry. These battles were against Maj. Gen. Jeb Stuart's Confederate Cavalry Division. The sites including the Battle of Hanover on June 30th and the Battle of Hunterstown on July 2nd. A sad note about the Battle of Hunterstown, fought along the Hunterstown Road on the Felty Farm: a large steam electric power plant is under construction on the east side of the Hunterstown Road opposite the Felty Farm. The highlight of the seminar was my first visit to the East Cavalry Field Battlefield, located three miles east of downtown Gettysburg. There are monuments and information tables on the Battlefield. If you have never been to this forgotten section of the Gettysburg National Battlefield Park, I recommend to all my fellow Roundtable members to make this a must stop on your next visit. Joe Cosci